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What headphones do you suggest?

Hi, I never run with headphones, but our 15 year old son is interested in some for his rowing training runs. Which one are recommended by users, up to about £40?

He seems interested in the in-ear ones, and I know nothing about them. His runs are off-road, so the isolating ones would't be dangerous, but he is very sensible anyway!!

Any help and advice would be very welcome.

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I'm a great fan of Sony in-ear headphones. For me they've out-performed many others that have been supplied with various portable devices by other makers. They feature little soft, flexible earpieces - which can be bought separately too as spares - in three sizes (I think) to ensure best comfy fit for each individual. The last set I bought from Amazon for under £20 - they retail at over £40 in shops. They even work splendidly for in-flight air travel, (with a little adapter for a few extra pounds). Comfy enough to fall asleep in without waking with painful ears!


I like the Sony in-ear ones too (EX10) Have a pair from argos (tesco do them too) for a fab £10. My teenage music techy son uses them too, so they must be good! The sit really snugly inside the ears and with the 3yr guarantee for £1.99 you can't go wrong)!


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