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W5R2 - Are the breaks the problem?

I just know that in about 36 hours i am going to regret saying this but here goes...

I LOVED LOVED LOVED the first 8 minute run today. It felt easy, i had loads of extra energy, i didn't want to stop when the time was up. I spent it daydreaming about all of the long runs i was going to go on when i was a fully fledged runner.

Then the 5 min walk

And the second 8 minutes were a nightmare. Within 90s i was out of breath and i went from running to plodding. I started cursing myself for being so cocky which got me through to the end. I managed to finish but all the good feelings were gone.

I'm telling myself that the 5 min break was the problem which probably makes me the first C25Ker who thinks R3 might be easier than R2!

Hopefully I won't be back on saturday night with my head in my hands and a mouth full of words after my first failure. See you on the other side...

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Don't despair! I always want to keep going when I get to the walking bit, I tried it once, but found I needed that recovery time to enable me to do the next run. Keep dreaming of those long runs, and good luck!


I'm a firm believer in tailoring the programme to suit you. So if you think the walk breaks are too long (I was getting cold on some of them) then start running early and run for longer. Still take a walking break, just try reducing it to about 1.5 to 2 minutes. Play about with it til you find what works for you. I was running through the first walking break to merge the first 2 runs into one big long one by week 4 and I kept this up until the end of the intervals. It meant that when I reached week 5 run3 I found it easy, and the longer runs I skipped out weeks 7 (runs 2 &3) & 8 and went straight for 9.


Perhaps because it was going so well you were going a bit fast and took a bit out of yourself? Sounds like you'll be fine tho. Good luck!


Yes, the walks can be a pain once you reach this point. I had a major dip in Week 6 after they put the walks back in after the 20 minute straight run of Week 5 Run 3. Hated it. Who'd have thought it? Funny really! I think it must be to really build your stamina. Your next run will be amazing though! :-)


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