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Had 4 weeks out after i finished week 9 where to start back?


I have had to take 4 weeks out after finishing c25k with a tendon problem which i thought best to rest or it might get worse.

Does anyone know where i should start back? and whats a zombie run?

Really want to get out and run... was thinking to just try 20 mins slow jog.

Any help would be great.



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Zombie run is app , think it's free , it's interval training , where you run faster because zombies chase you , got story line to it , I haven't tried it yet , only going on what I've read on here


Hi, I think where you start back might depend on whether you've been able to do anything else to maintain your fitness. If you've not been able to do anything I think I'd start again at Week 5- if it's really easy then go straight to Wk 6 R1?

I've had to have two weeks out from calf strain... hoping to be back soon.


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