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Week 3 - the fearsome 3minutes!!

So I did my W3R1 on Sunday and it felt like a huge move from 90s to 3mins of running, At some points I had to slow to a crawl and I felt pretty disheartened. On the plus side, it was the first time that I had been brave enough to run outdoors - no one pointed or stared. Whoop whoop!! Stuck with it, another beautiful day outside, have just come back from doing W3R2 and oh my goodness, it was so much better. I was even smiling when I managed to complete that first 3min run and didn't feel like I would keel over.

Did anyone else find this?

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Congrats! I completed W3R1 yesterday. I did manage to run all of the runs but I feel like I'm jogging on the spot sometimes. What doesn't help is that the homeward stretch of my run is uphill! R2 is tomorrow.

No-one really bats an eyelid when I go for my runs. Even if they do, I'm too busy concentrating on making it to the end of the run to care!


Well done both of you! I can remember thinking I was never going to run 3 min I am now on wk 7 so if this overweight nearly 60 yr old plodder can do it so can you Just listen to Laura and go slow --- it's not a race Let us know his you get on


Hi. I totally thought I was going to die on the first week3 run in that last few minutes, but the second time of doing it a few days later was loads easier. Let's hope run 3 is easier again!!! :-)


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