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Still injured. I hate my knees!

Hi, a quick update. I've not been able to run now since 4th August to be exact. Week 1 I tore the lateral ligaments in my right knee. Lots of ice and ibuprofen for 3 weeks in the summer, however it has still not healed correctly. I've now been seing a physio every fortnight for 6 weeks and she says I still have quite a way to go to regain strength and movement. Take care people. I really wanted to complete this and I've now been out of action for 3 months. Looks like running might not be the best for me!

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I tore my cruciate ligament last year & that was just trying on shoes (& before a started on C25K). I did wonder whether or not I'd be able to do it. Chin up the knee has not been a problem. Hopefully you'll be back soon (but not too soon for your ligaments.)


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