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The Android App is out but there seem to be teething problems - any help?

I have downloaded the android C25K app with change for life and I like it in principal BUT when I want it to play music it is only playing one song at a time and by just playing around with it it would seem a little fiddly to be running and putting on music every time I run. It doesn't seem to have a functionality to recognise a playlist.

Also when I turn the app off the music carries on playing, the only way to stop it is to turn my phone off which isn't very user friendly.

And another thing, the app doesn't seem to work if wi-fi or mobile internet isn't on. I run outside so wi-fi isn't ideal and in the interests of my phone bill I'm not keen on leaving my mobile internet unless necessary but if no network is located then the app forces close.

Any technical people or NHS/Change4Life people have any advice?


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Downloaded it off interest, you're right it's a bit poor. I used endomondo pro to tell me when to run and walk and that used to pause/mute the background music so you could hear the voice.

It should play all the tracks it lists though, did you try the shuffle button?

Ah, the music doesn't resume after Laura talks...


I'd try again. I downloaded via itunes then converted to mp3. No problem. The whole point of using the podcast is to have Laura telling you how great you are, shame to miss that! lol. And it's basically 1 track that just keeps going.


At least the developers respond to negative reviews in a positive way, so there's hope yet.


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