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W7R1 - running to my own playlist really helped

After struggling and failing the 20 min run on week 5 I worried about moving to week 6, but was glad I did as managed to complete the 25 mins at end of week 6 first time -.have to say that was much more mentally than physically challenging. Then I took the advice of others on here forW7 R1 and used my own playlist, and ended up running for nearly 30 mins! Listening to my own music really helped me beat the mental battle - I knew roughly when to turn back for home and hearing that song start was much more motivating than Laura's"half way" announcement. I did miss her encouraging comments but the music on the podcast is unfamiliar and a bit uninspiring, so didn't miss that at all! Would recommend using your own playlist to anyone struggling with the longer runs. W7 R2 tomorrow, let's hope it continues to work....!

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Couldn't agree with you more. I think it helps me to have familiar music to run to as I then sing along to it (in my head) which takes my mind off the running. Before, I was having to try to use all sorts of other mental distraction techniques to stop me thinking about how much further there was to go. This is much simpler, and more fun! I also find some of Laura's comments a bit demotivating, such as 'I know you're tired, but ...' and 'You might find these longer runs a bit relentless', which I find are better to steer clear of - I'm pretty good at coming up with negative thoughts of my own, so I don't need any additional ones!!


I did run 1 of Week 7 on Sunday and can't imagine running without my music. I have about 30 songs on random play so never know which of my favourites is coming next. Also. I know that when I've sung along to 3 or 4 of them I'm halfway through my run. It helps that my favourites are all good dance rhythms and my jog seems to naturally fit with the beat. Won't say what they are as that would date me but they suit me!


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