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Week 6 Complete

Finished my last run for week 6 today, I still find it hard to believe that considering I had never run in my life before 4 months ago and at my age (54) I am running for 25 minutes without walking. I know that at the speed I am running I wont actually be running 5K by the end of this programme, but I am going to go and do some parkruns until I achieve my goal. I am already starting to think that maybe 10k is possible, life certainly has become exciting.

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Well done. It is an amazing feeling! Roll on week 7.


Wonderful isn't it? Like you, I had never run before August this year, have had back surgery and have a slightly dodgy knee but I've graduated and am now running 5K three times a week. It's amazing what we can do when we put our minds to it :-)


Well done! I am constantly amazed by what the body is capable of - if only the mind will let it!!


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