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So sad.....and yes, I know it's not the end of the world and there are people way worse than me....but 3 weeks ago I got told I had to stop running as I have twisted my pelvis...not sure if this is forever or not. Osteo puts it back in and then it goes again...and that's not even running. The really galling thing is that I did the first two runs if week 9....initially osteo said I could carry on running....ow....I limped round two runs and then saw osteo before the next run and was banned. I had my first 5k booked for December 8th so I guess I won't be doing that! Not much more to say really....pity party over! X


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  • Oh no, how disappointing for you after putting in all that hard work. You must feel really cheated. Make sure you tell yourself just how well you have done by all but finishing the programme. I reckon those early morning runs you were doing probably count for more than one daytime run anyway, so in my book you have more than graduated! Your health is the important thing, so look after that pelvis and enjoy the knowledge that you have challenged yourself and you HAVE achieved something great. I do hope everything settles down again for you really soon ...

  • Oh no I can imagine how you must be feeling. As hennith says your health is the most important thing. I wish you a speedy recovery and hope that things feel better soon. Are you allowed to do anything else like swim? If your still allowed to walk can you walk the 5km. I know it's not what you want but try and stay positive and talk to your oesteo. Let him know that running is important to you. I have a physio and I always ask him for specific stretches so I can do something positive towards my recovery everyday when I have been out of action. Good luck and safe recovery.

  • Lol...thanks Hennith and Realfoodieclub! I am doing yoga in the mornings to try and build the strength and flexibility. Osteo said she will start me on walking soon, so possibly walking the 5k might be an option...slowly slowly! Fingers crossed x

  • I am so sorry ! I have no medical knowledge at all but would you be allowed to walk jog in water? In our pool there are a few people who lightly jog up and down lanes after hip knee surgery etc because water takes pressure of joints -- at least you could then graduate Good luck and congratulations and getting so far in programme

  • I've been told the same due to knee problems and was gutted! Have tried to have a few cheeky runs but have finally come to realise the pain isn't worth it :(

  • I've had a dodgy back for years and bit the bullet this summer and saw a chiropracter who did micro-manipulation. She started with my pelvis which was out of alignment which in turn was making me lop-sided. The pain I had learnt to live with for years vanished immediately. I didn't have to stop running but the body needs time to adjust to it's new position and memorise it and the muscles need to be built up to hold it correctly. Perhaps if you work on this with cross training over the winter you'll be strong enough to restart the running next year. (Don't know how old you are but I'm 57 so you're never too old.) Good luck. :)

  • I agree with andi22, who pretty much described my own situation. I had a dodgy back for 20+ years, saw a chiropractor who spotted twisted spine (hard to avoid spotting it really) and general lop-sidedness. Over time he straightened it & gave me exercises to stretch my hamstrings, which were way too tight & pulling my pelvis out of alignment and exacerbating the twisted spine. Long story short, age 63, I'm still running and regularly doing 10K+. Message here is to not necessarily give up yet (and perhaps get a 2nd opinion?)

  • Have a twisted pelvis also. I've personally found running has helped but obviously everyone is different. Good luck!

  • Thanks so much for the replies folks....huge amounts if positivity and some interesting stuff to check out....suspect I might need to pop and see a chiropractor!!! Hugs to you all for picking me up! X

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