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Question.. In which week should I restart?

I need some advices.. I have been running until week 6 run 2, but I started to have painful cramps very often and I decided to go to the doctor.. he recomended me to take iron and vitamins.. I have been about 6 weeks without running and I want to start again.. my question is: in which week should I start? 1? 4?, 6 maybe? what do you reccommend ? ...Thanks in advance :D

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I would do one run from week one.

One run from week two.

One run from week three.

Then do week four and the rest of the program properly.

You will probably find it really easy to begin with, but I believe your body with all it's tiny micro muscles and ligaments etc needs to get used to running three times a week before you start pushing it again.

Good luck and enjoy it ! x


Wonderful idea!! I will do that.. thank you very much :D


Try tonic water and bananas to help with the cramps. I found that munching one an hour before running worked wonders.


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