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Week 8 done!

Did week 8 run 3 today, not much to report really. I will probably have to change my route soon because the trail I run on is getting very muddy now. It's a shame, because I chose my route based on it being 3 miles long and it's been a good incentive seeing myself improve along the same distance each time. Another route will probably have to include a fair amount of road running which I'm not thrilled about. I will have to ponder on which route to try next, onwards to graduation week.

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I'm on week 8, too. Just finished run 2 today. How did you find it? I find it a struggle from about 15 mins. Felt a bit faint at the end. I've been brave and changed my route a lot so I can focus on what's around me rather than on the tough running.


I struggled on week 7 at 25 minutes but have been fine on week 8. When Laura said I could try speeding up for the last minute, I thought you must be joking Laura I'm practically crawling! It was like that for a few runs, but each time I felt slightly stronger than the time before, so I tried to focus on that and it gradually got a bit easier.

I've been running the same route on a trail but will have to change this soon I'm a bit worried about that. Maybe, if you feel faint you might need to eat or drink a bit more before? I sometimes have to slow down a bit at the halfway point to make sure I will make it to the end. I'm sure it will pass for you too soon though x


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