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Back in the park!

I have started the program during the summer, managed to do fantastic runs on the beach but stopped for a couple of months after that. I have slowly started to run again. A run per week for the past three weeks. I now feel that it is tome for me to commit to my 3 runs per week again. No more excuses, just get dress, out of the door and start running.

It is great to read other people experience here. I might start writing more after my runs and get some support.

The run today was great. I have rediscovered the local park, started running everywhere instead of following the track in circles. It's good to feel different surfaces and small ups and downs.

Over the last 3 weeks, I was running on week 5 #1. Today I started with week 5#2. Because I have stopped for some time I am not sure where I should start again. I had done up to week 6#1 during the summer. I am slightly scared of running 20mins straight again and was gently building up to it. Any advice is welcome!

A good run to you all and thanks for the support.

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Hello. Well done in getting back to the programme. It sounds as if you are doing really well and you are already completing week 5 R1&2. Fabulous! Why not go for run 3? You'll be fine because you've already done it. Your body will remember and your mind will do as you tell it! Happy running.


Thanks a lot ! I've done my week 5 #3 today ! It was great and I feel super happy. Week 6 here I come !!!


Brilliant! Well done. Bet you're still smiling! Keep us posted.


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