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having a goal again is great

Having joined the pre-Christmas Goal challenge, I set off on my first run of the week later than expected and with the gremlins sitting firmly on my shoulder. 'It's too cold, you haven't drunk enough water, that's a stitch you can feel coming on, your legs are too heavy to run on, if you just turn around now nobody will know'. I'm sure you all know the gremlin style.

But I had my goal to complete, so pushed the gremlins off the shoulder and plodded onwards, being quite proud of my pace at the start of the run. Well, it was one of my best for a while - not fast, but 5 minutes longer than normal and I enjoyed it and got into my rhythm.

Thank you RFC for such a great motivating idea.

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Way to go Susan!

I went out this morning too, using the stepping stones podcast as one of my goals is to do 5k in 34 minutes. Well I mucked up the garmin and the ipod so eventually had to start running at the warm up, then completed the podcast then still had to run another few minutes to get to 5k. 21/2 minutes slower than previously so took over 38 minutes! not sure if t was stepping stones or me. still who would have thought I could run for 38 minutes a few months ago.


Fanatsic news glad it's working for you happy running.


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