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shin splints??

i've built myself up to running 6k then 7k then 8k a week later, i thought i'd just go for a short run tonight as i think i've pushed myself enough over the past couple of weeks, but, at the end of the run my left shin felt really sore, I've put an ice pack on but it feels really stiff and is hard to walk on. I have a park in the dark run coming up on Thursday and was planning to run home afterward. Has anyone experienced this problem and is there hope it will be ok if i rest it tomorrow??

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Hiya, I overdid it after graduation and although not a shin, my calf gave way and I was in a lot of pain for a wee while. THe physio put it down to the fact that I wasn't stretching enough after my run. I now stretch out for around 20 mins and touch wood, have stayed injury free. Good luck


thanks, I used to think the 5 minute walk after my run would be enough but maybe i should look at doing stretches as well :)


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