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First run in real dark

Clocks going back mean I have no choice but to run in the dark or off to the treadmill with me. Not too bad but prefer running at dusk. Runs have been a struggle recently but still going maybe I will graduate this side of Christmas but we will see. I made a foolish goal of running a sub 30 5k regularly by the end of Nov don't think it's gonna happen unless on the treadmill.

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I'm the same - I have no choice on work days but to run in the dark now. I think it's quite exciting! I do stick to the main road though. It certainly adds a new dimension to your running! Good luck - keep going! (I have those socks too! :-) )


Just want to say that even though I have never run on a treadmill I would think the if you run a sub 30 min 5k on the treadmill it would still count :)

I am just about managing to run in the light as I run in the mornings, but I know that's only going to last another week or two. Then running in the dark for me too, I am kind of excited about it... Is that weird?


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