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running is a funny thing

I just had a very weird w8r2. Last run was pretty good, I had been extending my w7 runs (only by 1-2 mins) to hit 4k and w8r1 i managed 4.13k in 28.30.

Today i set out, a little nervous of the cold.. and just felt so sluggish. When Laura piped in that I had done 5 mins I was way behind my usual 5 min mark. I plodded forth.. sometimes zoning out and realising i was barely going faster than a walk and had to gee myself up.

I had basically decided that this was me having the 'bad run' experience I have heard of and was mentally composing a post as I trotted on.

I managed to perk up a little toward the end of the run and right before the bit where laura says i have a minute left she actually said I had five! confused, i carried on and when I was finally told to stop I checked mapmyrun and I had done 4.13k in 28:00. Same distance in 30 secs less time!

I still can't figure out how what seemed to be a really slow run ended up being one of my best?!

Only 4 runs left - feel like i am going to be agonizingly close to 5k in 30 but not quite going to make it.. arg.

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I had the same experience today. Ran week 8 run 1 on Saturday with my OH. He runs faster than me, so I'm usually faster when I run with him. I ached loads on Saturday night. Today for w8 r2 solo, I was surprised that my pace was better? It didn't feel as fast. I guess it must have been a good day for week 8 runners :)


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