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Week 6 Run 2

Getting into a pace on the first long run is hard but once I've found it I find I can keep going. Tried a different route today but didnt like it too much as there were too many roads to cross. I've worked out in my head where I am running nxt for d3 so hoping that works out. My husband made me smile and it gave me a warm glow as I thanked him for his support. If he didnt look after boys I couldn't do this. He responded "I am just in awe of you!" Bless him.

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Well done for your success so far. Bless your lovely husband! And the boys will love having him look after them.

My husband commented the other day that I must keep going now that I've graduated and I was quite taken aback. I think that he can see what a difference it's made to me in many respects.


Aww, it's lovely to have that level of support. Well done you. :-)


Well done mum2 the boys , I'm doing that one after work tonight , how lovely that you have that kind of support , keep up the good work & good luck with r3 .


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