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Much to my surprise wanting to run- W2,R2

Made myself run this morning, it was hard, yes! I enjoyed a wine or two last night, and I started work at 8.30am,yes I felt slightly tried and a wee bit hung over, don't get me wrong, I'm not some cheap drunk,I'm a very hard worker,long hours, love good food and enjoy a wine to relax after a long day.This morning I woke up knowing I had a hard day ahead, and actually wanted to go for my run, I just knew it would get the blood flowing, feeling productive, and help have a good day at work...and by Jo's - it did, the Run kick charged my day, all pistons Running-Awesome ;))

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Ahhhh you are learning the joys of running. Enjoy.


It's the Positive Mental Attitude that will see you through this. Hold that thought...! :-)


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