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Goal achieved! (>=30 minutes x 3)

Hi there,

Today I completed my third of three runs this week over 30 minutes.

Monday was 40 minutes, Wednesday was 35 minutes and today was 30 minutes. Although I was a little disappointed with the fact that my durations decreased I was encouraged a little by the fact that my pace seems to have improved.

On Monday is was 7:37/km and today it was 6:38min/km so it is at least moving in the right direction.

So I have achieved my initial goal and the program's goal of running for 30 minutes for 3 times in a week. I also had the unexpected bonus of actually running for 5k on both Monday and Wednesday.

I will now start a new training plan that will lead me on to 10k. As I weigh almost 18 stones, there is little point in me trying to train to achieve 5k times of 20 minutes! It is more likely that I will become one of life's plodders and aim for 10k instead.

Anyway, I'll be staying on the forum so you will no doubt see how I get on.

Big thanks to all the people on here that have answered questions and encouraged me (especially when I was panicking about wk5r3!). I'll still need you guys for the next phase as well I'm sure...



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Well done Hoppy, what a great achievement! I am so impressed that you have your next goal sorted too. Ain't no stopping you now...


Thanks Lizzie - much appreciated. I'll try and take a few days to enjoy it before I get locked into the new training plan.


Good times - many of us don't reach that 5k in 30 mins .It is still a goal of mine - so well done to you.


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