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Week 2 Run 2

Was nervous about the first run in the dark round the streets instead of the park, but I got on with it as soon as I got home from work and achieved success, and, dare I say......enjoyed it!

Following advice on this forum relating to my large lady wobbly bits, I bought the largest shock-absorber bra in the shop, although I needed a mortgage, it was money well spent, hardly any jiggle tonight and no pain, it also had the added bonus that I didn't have to do the run bits whilst cupping them in my hands!!!

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Ha ha I got them shock absorbers , the ones with 2 fasteners , the normal one & one at the top of back , they where swiftly returned , as I had to be a contorsanist to get it on , is yours one of these ? If so you must be really flexible , good bras though .


No to the two fasteners! I tried that one in the shop and nearly got a black eye and it bought me out in a sweat just trying it on. I'm pleased to say my shock-absorber has a normal fastening, although when I modeled it tonight after my run, my husband and 15 year old son laughed and told me to get it off quick before I stopped breathing!


Hehe, this made me giggle, glad you are more, erm...comfortable!? It's good you are enjoying it, focus on that and you will be on week 9 before you know it :) Well done!


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