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Week 7 completed (unexpectedly)

After a disastrous run three days ago, I set out again today. Was not expecting great things today, feeling a bit bloated and sluggish after the weekend. But... It went fine. I did 3.6k, but felt I took it gently and was taking cautious little paces because it was so wet. So I thought I had completed 7.2. But when I got home, I realised that was 7.3. So that was a nice bonus surprise.

Week 8 here I come!

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Well done! Amazing you were ahead of where you thought you were! Congrats, and good luck for week 8 :)


fab! what a nice surprise - bring on 28mins!


gosh you are doing well, do you think you would have lost count at the begining of all this? i don't think so!!


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