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Run 2 and 4k! :)

After my ill advised, slow, hungover, unhydrated run1 I was determined to do better this time. My knee was being a bit weird at the end of the last run so I was a little wary of any niggles this time round.

Anyway, the limbs held it together and although i didn't feel like i was faster I felt like i was more consistant (didn't have the slow slump in the middle).

When Laura said that there was 60secs left I picked up the pace and checked out mapmyrun... which said I was on 3.65k. I have been really keen to get to 4k so I kept running for an extra 2.5 mins and managed to make 4k. Bonus is that I feel confident about w8 now as well!

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Excellent. Well Done.

4k is a good distance.




well done, i cant wait to get to 4km, hopefully tommorrow morning.


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