Wk9r3.... I did it!!

Today I completed wk9r3!! After a few weeks break from running it has been hard to get back into the routine but I have been seeing everyone else's posts on here about their runs, they've encouraged me to get out there and keep going no matter what excuse I can think of to cut short my route and go home sooner, so now to improve on all the good things I have already achieved!

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  • well done RoadRunner! Posts such as yours give me hope!(W6R3 just done!). My only worry is that in 6 wks Im off on holiday for 5wks. And i know i wont do a bit of running in South Goa over Xmas and New Year ha ha. DId you have to start back at earlier weeks after your break? I would be gutted to come back and have to go back to W1!!

  • I had a few breaks during the c25k as work/holidays/life got in the way of running, so earlier on in the podcasts I started with the week I'd last completed and went from there. This time I had completed week 8 and had 3 weeks of no running, so I played week 9 to see how i found it and knew that if it was too hard I could repeat week 7 or 8 to build back up. I managed to run for 30 minutes, so I kept going with wk9. Best advice I can give you is to try and see what you can do and enjoy your holiday!

  • Yeyeyeyey!! Well done! Fantastic to hear :) happy running!!

  • Oh, well done! Now get that graduate badge :)

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