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Happy dance completed!

So C23.5k doesn't have the same ring to it but tonight I completed week 9 run 3 and thus proved for the third time I can do 30 mins of non stop running when only 2 months ago I struggled with 60 seconds.

I'm so happy and so proud of myself and I even did the little happy dance in the street I'd promised myself.

All these things to think of now. This is only the beginning for me! I have a plan to continue and increase speed to 5k.

No more Laura, I will miss her.

No more c25k music, yay goodbye Julie

And best of all, one shiny graduate badge to apply for! Whoop whoop!

And I have you lot to thank for this too. This lovely friendly passionate group of strangers with a shared experience.

The blogs and posts and support I've read on here have kept me going through all the good runs and the bad.

Thank you all.


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Eeeeek!! Happy dancing with you right now!! Well done! Just the inspiration I need to my 9:3 tomorrow...5k will soon come enough. You did it! So chuffed for you. Enjoy your own music, its amazing how much it helps :)

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I'll look forward to your graduate runner post tomorrow nextjenn. It's a great feeling!


Hey, well done Hezzabelle! Fantastic work. I've been watching your progress as I think we started around the same time. I'm sadly on a few weeks off because I pulled my calf muscle, but raring to get back out there and achieve my 30 minutes of fame. And yes, I will be dancing :)


Sorry to hear about your calf. I consider myself lucky to have got through injury free. But at least it can heal and no damage done.

Take it easy when you start and you'll soon be back to it.


WOOHOO!! Well done, brilliant! I love posts like these as it inspires others like me who are still striving to get there (I'm on week 7, back on track after a bad run but still unsure how I can get to 30 mins as 25 seems like my absolute limit at the ok!). It's so inspiring to know it is do-able!! Congrats again xx


Thankyou. This is my second time doing c25k. I gave up last year when I failed in week 7.

This time round I was determined to see it through all the dark nights, rain, bad runs etc...

Bad runs can bring your confidence right down. I think like w5 r3 is a big mental challenge, continuing after a bad run is another rite of passage that we need to go through on this program to get us through.

It definitly is doable and I know you'll get to the end. Just think about the thought of running for 25 mins a few weeks ago. You've come this far, you can do it! :)


Well done Hezzabelle. I graduated in June and had to make a decision whether to stay running for 30 mins or do 5k which is (much) longer time wise for me. I chose the latter and so have a route which is 5 k and takes me about 38 mins. The challenge for me was carrying on running after Laura but I don't want to go back to how I was before (and I like my thighs now! Lol) well done again ; )


That's where I'm at now. Do I continue with 3 30 min runs and work up to increasing distance in the time, or run the distance and hope to decrease the time?

I think for me the former because I'm happy with 30 min slots at the mo.

I would like to be covering 5k by the new year I think. I don't know if thats doable or pushing it but I think about how far I've come already and it doesn't seem so far away.

Like you my goal through the program has simply been to run 3 times a week after the program. I definitly aim to carry on now. I can also feel bits firming up slowly lol. My thighs are still to catch up but I really like my calves now, lol.


I'm looking forward to doing my happy dance. Few weeks to go yet. Well done. Your post makes me want to keep going


Thankyou. This whole forum kept me going through it. Unbelievable support here.

I look forward to reading your own happy dance post.



congratulations! that is fantastic

hehehe I'm glad you did the happy dance in the street ;)


Thankyou. I'm sure I looked like an idiot, stopping running and breaking into a dance, but it was dark an I didn't care. I'd EARNED that dance! :D

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You sure did!

I did a happy dance last week too, no where near as impressive goal as yours, I just managed to finish week 4 for the first time - after being stuck there for quite some time - did a nice little dance on my trail - thankfully it was dark too - and noone around but a little flock of sheeps:D


Woohoo.....yay for you!!!!! Keep posting because I still need to keep motivated by reading stories like yours. The cold dark nights, rain, snow aren't going to help, but gotta keep it up!


Fabulous, well done on the celebration dance too!

I did my first post grad run today and used the 5k+ Stepping stones which was great for pacing. Laura still encouraging but music different and definitely no Julie :)

Looking forward to hearing how you get on. Next dance will be the 5k!


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