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Best run yet!

Hi everyone.

Wk6 r3

I'm visiting some friends in the Scottish Highlands and I was a little worried about the steep inclines. However our friends pointed me in the direction of a great undulating route.

The result? 27 mins done! I actually could have forced myself to run 30 mins, it was that good. Mountains, heather, streams, etc must be doing the trick.

It was really tough for the first 10 mins, then all of a sudden at around 15 mins in, everything just relaxed. My breathing slowed, my legs were no longer heavy and I could look around and enjoy the surroundings as if I was having a country walk instead of a jog. I've got to say that sweet-spot of 5-8 mins were magical and a little emotional. It is something that I will never forget because it was the first time I really experienced it.


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Great posting.. Lovely image!


I love running in different areas - my in laws live in rural suffolk and I've been running around there recently. The hills are tough compared to my normal flat routes but enjoy it :)


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