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I am back...Not sure where to (re-)start?

So I got to end of week8 before I had to go on a holiday to Japan in August and the running got cut short when I got back. So I haven't been running for more than 2 two months now.

It not all a loss though, getting to week8 with no failures gave me the much needed confidence to hike Mt.Fuji to the summit with my friends :)

Its just now I am not sure which week to start from again, what do u guys think?

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I think start going and for the first time to go as far as you can and then see where that puts you week wise and go for that one :) hope that makes sense lol well that's what I would do anyways x


i only had 2 weeks off and had completed week 8 quite easily but i am not confident so i went back to the start of week 6 which had 3 smaller runs as i felt it would be a huge knock back if i failed a longer run, i have done that run twice now and even though i found it hard as i was out of the rhythm and support of the program i have just found myself considering that i might progress on now, i did not want to set myself up for failure which meant i might has stopped running altogether so i went a bit easier, you know yourself and how you think, do what you think is best for you, good luck and Mt Fuji must have been amazing!


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