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Foam Rollers

Anyone used these before?

I am thinking of getting one for various reasons. I get back pain a lot, so one that massages would be a godsend. I've posted on here about a "popping" hip, and was advised to use a foam roller.

Has anyone used one before? How do you use it most effectively? Where would be the best place to get one? Some look like pool noodles, but others look like parts to an alien spacecraft, so I'm a little lost!


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I personally use a wooden rolling pin myself, but I know there are other on here that use specifically designed rollers. If you have a rolling pin you could try that first to see if it helps before investing in one, just a thought.


Lots of us use them; do a search and you'll find lots of posts about them.

I got a plain foam one for my IT band and found it sore when I first started with it, but it helped my legs. Hubby has used it for his back pain too. More recently I bought a hard knobbly one (More Mile beast) and that gives what feels like a deeper massage, which feels more effective to the tough IT band. For other muscles I think the usual foam one would be adequate.


I've used them ( fat foam) during pilates mat classes - to do some stretching for the back before starting the class (I am a participant not the teacher I hasten to add). You can lie on the roller vertically with the roller in the middle of your back with your head and neck and bottom supported on the roller. You can put your arms out to the sides and roll from side to side - it feels wonderful. I have done other stretches too but can't recall what they are but I am sure they are available online to view.


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