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W6R3 - I made it on my second attempt!

Thanks to all those who gave me advice when I felt like a failure on Wednesday after having to stop my W6R3 at 20 mins. You were all right - take a rest day and try the same run again. I kept it steady so was probably going a little slower than before but made it the full 25 mins and am pleased as punch :) :) :) Onwards now to week 7 - Bring it on!!

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Wooop! Well done!! You should be proud of yourself! As I realised too...speed isn't necessarily the most important thing! Best of luck with week seven - I did run 1 today, which wasn't too great, but strangely knowing that I have two more 25 minute runs is comforting...lots of practice to improve, and no nasty surprises!



Fantastic result! You should be very pleased with yourself! You've come a long way already and the finish line must be in your sights. Good luck with the next few runs - almost there!


Yey! I knew you could do it :) well done! 25 mins is amazing! Good luck with the next few, nearly there!! :)


That's just great. Running is so much more mental than I realised. I often struggle , think I can't do this so why not give up, but try again and find that I am successful. It's a grat feeling to achieve something that seemed unachievable a while ago. Well done.


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