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run 1 - made it! (although i probably didn't deserve to!)

Managed W7R1 today... although I had a late night (4 pints of beer, half a bottle of wine) and an early morning (big breakfast, lots of coffee) and realised just as i got changed i hadn't drunk any water all day - so i had some gulps from a tap.

I didn't feel too bad but was aware I probably wasn't as prepared as I should be!

Anyway, managed the run but did 3.4k, well under my w6r3 of 3.75k. But given the circumstances I guess i should just be chuffed that I made it through!

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Well done, you! Under these circumstances, extremely well done! :)


W7 R1 is my next run but I think I will need a good nights sleep to get through it! But anyway well done, life goes on, it would have been easier to stay in and watch tv or have another beer but you got out there and went for a run!


you made me laugh.Well done for managing a run at all.I would have had to lie down and Deffo have a hangover,but then I am silly with half a glass of wine?Good luck with you're next run.


you have made me smile, as someone who does not drink at all as a health choice i have no idea how you did it! well done!


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