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lovely run with snazzy new insoles

I went to the podiatrist today and picked up my new made to measure very expensive insoles (I'm in France, they're on prescription, so will get refunded through the health system). As it is a lovely day, when I got home I tucked them into my running shoes and did w2r3. And amazingly, thoroughly enjoyed my run ! (Lovely sunny autumn day).

The podiatrist warned me I might get a bit of joint and muscle pain on and off for the first couple of weeks as the insoles are designed to change the way I move, so will make new demands of my legs. I get 1 pair a year, so will have to get used to taking them in and out of my shoes all the time.

This is the point of the programme where I started getting the knee pain that triggered the whole doctor-x-ray-physio-podiatrist sage, so being very careful but so far so good.

I'm even contemplating taking my running stuff on holiday with me next week !

Dumb mistake of the day way forgetting to enable 3G on my phone, so mapmyrun missed a whole kilometer !

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