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fallen off the wagon quite spectaculary but back on the horse again tommorrow morning !

completed my first 9 week run and was absolutley loving it but a lot of personal challenges has left me now not running for over 10 days, now i am very nervous about trying again as i loved the gentle build up which was very successfull for such a non athelete like me, so i have decided that rather than starting with a big run and very possibly failing miserably tommorrow morning i will start from the start of week 6 again to get my confidence up, I think the main thing will be that i am out there again, rather than feeling like a failure at home and eating heaps!

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Hey, your plan of action sounds extremely sensible. I will say it's only a matter of time before you get to running 30 mins again - you've done it once and you know you are capable of doing this. That would give me stronger sense of mind when building up again. Remember your warm ups and cool downs are also important. As they say, go with whatever you are comfortable with. M


thank you for your response and support, I did the run this morning and think that i will do it again for a few times whilst i get my confidence up. thank you again for your encouragement.


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