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Does anyone have any advice for training for a half marathon?

Just a brief description of where I'm at, I have completed C25K twice now. I have never reached 5k yet though! I have been running 2 miles regularly for a few months now but I want something to aim towards and a target to reach. Whilst I was out on Sunday I discovered a half marathon right on my doorstep. Watching them all come by really upped my motivation. I mentioned this to my fellow runner and she said we should go for it next year. So I have 12 months, but does anyone have a plan or advice to follow?

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I would find a 10k race in about 6 months and aim for that as an interim target, then carry on with your training for the HM afterwards. It may seem a bit daunting having 21km as your target when you still haven't reached 1/4 of that, but 10k is a realistic target for right now. Then when you are there, all you have to do is double it. It's much easier to reach a target if you break the preparation up into bite size pieces.


I absolutely agree with Namour. I have done quite a few 10ks now, but the thought of a half marathon is as daunting (to me anyway) as 5k was at the beginning of C25k. Others get to a point where they can run for ever - I just want to find an excuse to wimp out after about 40 minutes...


Hi, I completed c25k last October in time to do the Halloween spooky sprint (5k) I then continued using the wk 9 runs, a bit of the b210k but mostly just using my own music & gradually upping my distance until I did 10k in march - which was something of a shock as my friend took me out for a "long run" but I had no idea beforehand it'd be that long! Last month I completed the Robin Hood half marathon. It was hard going but totally achievable for you in a year. I followed a pretty standard 12 wk training plan & did my long runs on a sun morning (same time as the actual half marathon). U'll soon get into it.

Good luck, it's an amazing feeling when you finish :0)


Hi, i went on the BUPA site and they offer great programmes for 10 k and Half Marathon training,as well as training tips, hydration/nutriton. Im only on wk 5 of C25K at present but will aspire to a Half Marathon.Hope this helps :-)


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