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A good day despite my Garmin problem

This is my second time round completing C25K and I was going great guns until about two weeks ago when I finished week 7. Had a day off work today and instead of putting 'run' on the bottom of my 'to do' list for today I put it at the top.

Despite the wind and the rain [I am so brave!] I went out first thing and took it easy. Then the battery went on my Garmin so I had no way of checking my pace or the time. Thankfully Laura was on hand to keep me posted on time and i was well chuffed when she said 'you have 5 mins left' when I'd convinced myself i had about another 10! Kept going til the end and picked up the pace a little.

Moral of the story is; make sure i have my Garmin charged the night before a run, but not to look at it too much when I'm running as it's too much of a distraction! Think I can crack this pace malarkey without clock watching [famous last words eh?]. Very much looking forward to my next run and completing the programme again for the second time around. Much more comfortable with my ability this time round, probably because I know I can do this as I've done it before. Happy running all!

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I can tend to be a bit addicted to checking my garmin but I try to bear a couple of things in mind.

It can't take account of how you feel on a particular day, so if you've trained too hard and are tired, there is no point in trying to increase your speed if your body's not with you.

The pace isn't as accurate as you may think, it has caught me out on a number of occasions.

I still look of course!


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