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Something A Bit Different

As part of my 3 month Beat My Boss challenge, I've been trying to get back to running for 30 minutes. I'm pleased to say that I did a 30 minute run last Friday but I think I have to do a few more over the next couple of weeks before I can call myself a proper runner again (still aiming to do that darned 5k too).

I did a 20 minute run on Sunday and was planning on doing a 30 minute run this morning but I wasn't really up for it. It took me a while to get out of bed and I just felt really unmotivated. I ran for 5 minutes then I just gave up. Intially I thought I'd just stop and try again tomorrow but then I thought "why don't I try some intervals?". I've been toying with the HIIT idea for a while but had decided to wait until I was back in that 30 minute groove before starting something new. But this morning just seemed like a good time to give it a try. I usually run at 4.6mph (sometimes doing 4.8mph when I'm on the last 5 minutes) but for the interval I ran for 2 minutes at 5.0mph. I then slowed to 3.6mph for the rest section and then went back up to 5.0mph for another 2 minute run. I did 5 intervals of 2 minute runs, varying my speed from 5.0mph to 5.5mph. During the final 2 minute interval, I did the last 45 seconds at 6.0mph! - I've never run so fast! My little legs were like a blur (not really but that's what it felt like!).

So in total I ran for 15 minutes and I have to say that a) the time just flew by and b) I really enjoyed it! I feel a routine mix up coming on! Maybe a 30 minute run twice a week with the third run as intervals.

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