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Week 2 run 1 - so hungry anyone have any snack suggestions please?

Just completed my run on the treadmill. Done it this evening instead of early morning due to commitments.

Really enjoyed it!!

I am finding I am very hungry since starting running. I am tending to snack in the evenings.

Can anyone suggest snacks which are healthy and will stop me feeling hungry but without the calories please?

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Protein is the most filling of the food groups.. I always keep a pack of sandwich chicken or some roast ham in the fridge. A handful of that keeps me going through til mealtimes. Your appetite will adjust as you get used to your new exercise regime and you will stop feeling the need to eat the leg off a horse! (could make a joke about Findus' lasagnes here but I'll resist).

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Thanks Narmour. I don't think I have ever been so hungry!!!


A wholemeal bagel with peanut butter helps me after a run. It is quite high in fat but it's the good fat, and has plenty of protein and carbs so good for runners.

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Thanks FirinBlanks I will try this.


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