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Week 3 run 1 & 2 :-)

I seem to be going backwards in this process !! As a graduate (xmas eve last year) who really seems to be having trouble getting back into it , I tried to make a comeback at week5 , the first run was ok, and I thought i'd cracked it, but then run 3 was non existent :-( I 'gave up' for a few weeks , but I was feeling really unfit , SO I made up my mind to commit to it again , and I went back to Week 3 and did run 1 and 2 this morning !! I know this sounds a bit 'odd' but it gave me a sense of this space .............

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Great - I think the fantastic thing about the programme it gives you a starting place that is doable. So going back to week 3 will restore your confidence and build you up again.

Good luck


thank you suzybenj


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