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Tea for "light legs"

Well, I'm trying it this evening! Last night I had a last minute invitation to do another hike today. I'd decided to do my run today not yesterday afternoon, so ended up a bit torn (having missed a run last Saturday to go on a hike), but said I'd go. It was relatively short, if STEEP, freezing, wet and windy with almost no visibility. We followed the route of the chair lifts used during the ski season so we didn't get lost. Climbed up to over 2200m!

Got back mid-afternoon, had a rest and then thought, well why not go for my run anyway? The hike this morning was only about 5.5km (it took ages cos it was steep). So I went out for my run as late as I could while still finishing while it was light.

My legs aren't really complaining, but I thought I'd put the tea to the test. I guess it's really for hot weather when your legs feel swollen rather than when you've been hiking and running in the same day...

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What an amazing day you have just had! I don't associate chair lifts and skiing with your area!

Well done for getting your run in too! Puts us all to shame over here, curling up under the cosy duvet and totally wimping out in the mornings.



Apparently in the spring you can ski in the morning and swim in the med in the afternoon here. Don't actually ski myself (expensive way to get bruised being my only experience) so haven't quite proved it, but it was about 6 degrees at the top yesterday and 24 in the city, so I can believe it would be possible in about March.


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