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Definitely not C25k!

I have to share this with you:

This endurance run has happened annually where I am lucky enough to be able to run. Sadly this will be their last year but the year that I join in for about 5k tomorrow morning!

The tone of the website is just not C25K! It makes me chuckle! Having gone along to volunteer at my first Parkrun this morning i loved the generous welcoming spirit. I know the folk who do the endurance events are made of different stuff and I give them encouraging words each time I see them over the 28 hours - three dog walks in my world! I have decided I will do Parkrun next Saturday - earlier than planned. I seem to be able to do 5k comfortably since graduating just over 2 weeks ago so lets log a time! Will let you know how I get on...

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Ohh that's exciting. Park run in Saturday, well impressed! Let us know how the timings go, and good luck. Enjoy it.


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