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Re: publicity and posters - what about personal stories?

I totally agree that it would be great if we could encourage more people to take up running.

I like the idea of posters, but I think they need to have an eye catching slogan that will stick with people.

What if some people would be willing to share a snapshot of their journey to running with the phrase "If I can do it, anyone can" or something like that and include the address of this website so people could browse and see that it really could be possible for them to try? (With the suggestion that checking with their GP would be a good idea first).

Some amazing stories have been shared here about the benefits of this programme - weight loss, fitness, self-confidence to name but a few, and they are very encouraging, but we are generally "preaching to the converted." Would sharing them more widely inspire others to give it a go?

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Don't think we can shout loud enough for this program its brilliant, facebook is already helping spread the word, also out Tshirts, I often wear mine to the gym and I'm often asked what did I graduate in and I then explain the program. Every little helps but I noticed there wasn't a mention of C25K in the doctors surgery waiting room this week, loads of other posters though. Its time NHS got their act together.


Here's my idea for a slogan. How about 'from flab to fab in just nine weeks'.

I'm the wrong side of 50,have been running for 3 weeks and have lost 5lb without dieting. What I have noticed is that I no longer feel hungry and consequently, I am not picking at rubbish food all day. I'm sure it's all down to running.


See, another great story - how inspiring would that be? And I like the slogan too!


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