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Nothing will work unless you do - Maya Angelou

Nothing will work unless you do - Maya Angelou

I had given up with running, despite brief flirtations with it on and off over this year, including cheating on Laura with 'Zombies, Run' I just have not got back into it - the mind is willing but the body is weak as the old saying goes. Last night as I sat eating another(!) tub of Ben & Jerry's I decided that no matter what I was going running the next day - the weather could be awful, I could want to hit the snooze button but I made a promise to myself I was going to run.

Two presses of the snooze button on my alarm later and I was up and running! Now my fitness has remained quite good so there is no reason I can't still run 5K without stopping, and have done so when I have ran during the year, but I want the structure of the program - I need Laura telling me what to do, I need the rules of 3 runs a week or I'll get lazy. So this morning saw me back at W1R1 and enjoying for the first time in quite some time. I'm not sure how much the dog appreciated being woken to run in the rain because as soon as we got in he went straight back to bed! No going back to bed for me though, the endorphins have kicked in and I'm full of energy.

PS Laura beats the Zombies, what a waste of money that was! I wasn't sure when they wanted me to run, walk or pick up blooming medicine! Laura just makes it easy.

Hope everyone else has a good run today.

Happy jogging folks! :-)

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