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Beat My Boss: Update 1

Oh, how quickly good intentions are foiled by everyday life!

I had it all planned - 3 months to get into "better" shape and lose a bit of weight (with a secret aim to lose weight alongside my Boss) - a new me for the New Year. It even started OK, my first run in a while was a decent 15 minutes - I was quite chuffed! Then when we arrived home from work on Monday night, we found a matching pair of letters from a Solicitors - we had been served with a Section 21 on our rental - we had to be out by Dec 2nd! WTF??!!

So, as is typical, I went into MELTDOWN - panic stations!!! I think I did another run that week but I really can't remember. Any hoo, it all went a bid off plan and a lot crappy food was eaten - a likely homeless situation does not bode well for exercise and cooking proper food. The next week I did try harder with another 2 or 3 runs - upping the time to 20 minutes (doing the last 5 at a higher speed and incline). We went and viewed a couple of houses and found one we liked - phew! The BF was nominated as the organiser of "The Move" - with a lot of input from me - obviously!

Luckily we'd booked some time off for the end of the month which means we can move in a week before our new rental actually starts (thanks new Landlord) and we have plenty of time to get the old place cleaned up. This week (Tuesday) I did a 25 minute run - I did feel like I could have gone on longer but I needed the loo (that 5 minute cool down walk felt like a lifetime). Then on Thursday I could only manage a 5 minute run. As you all know, those crappy runs pop up out of nowhere with no rhyme or reason. So I got up this morning and ran again; for a whole 30 minutes - woohoo! I don't think I've done a 30 minute run since the beginning of August (30 Day Shred put paid to that).

So have I lost any weight? Amazingly considering all the crap I've eaten, I've lost 1 3/4 lbs, which isn't a huge amount but it's something! So, 3 weeks in, I've done a 30 minute run and lost nearly 2 lbs. AND we have lovely new house to move into next weekend. October started off so badly (I won't even mention the £600 ISA cock-up) but hopefully it'll all be OK by the end!

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Well, it doesn't sound to me like your good intentions have been foiled at all - you've had a huge stress to deal with but you are keeping up the running and that's fantastic. Personally I would think you can be forgiven for a bit of crap-eating given the circumstances.

Congratulations on not giving up in such difficult circumstances, and keep thinking of the new routes you will be able to run from your new home - good luck with the move!


I agree with Jellymum, you have done really well. Kept running when you could and even lost weight!

Hope the house flit goes well.


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