Week 1 - Run 3. Do I start week 2 on Sunday or Monday?

Just finished my last run of week one. This is the first one I have done outside. Really enjoyed it. My 9 yr old son came along too. I tried to do some of the runs on an incline too. I must admit it is more interesting running outside.

So what does everyone else do now. Do you have a day of rest and then start week 2 on Sunday or do I wait till Monday to start week 2?

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  • Whatever you feel like. As long as there's at least one day of rest. If you need two or have other commitments do it on Monday. You can even do it on Tuesday if you feel like it! I wouldn't recommend leaving it beyond that though.

  • ok Thanks. I think I will try and keep the momentum going and have a day of rest tomorrow and run sunday starting on week 2

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