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wk5 r3 - 22 mins - Success!!!

Just letting you all know that I completed wk5 r3 this morning! I actually ended up running about 22 minutes in the end because of Spotify miscalculating the total time of the playlist. (Yes that's right I gave sweet Laura a day off).

Fortunately I used Runkeeper app for the first time today and that told me that I had already finished whilst I was still listening to my last running track.

I carried on for another 2 mins or so just to be absolutely sure.

Thanks for your support for this run. I hope that my completion will give you guys some encouragement for tomorrow when I'm sure you will have similar success.

Ironically the toughest was the first 5 mins....Go figure

In the 33 minutes - 10 mins walking and 23 minutes jogging Runkeeper said that I cover 4.01km. I quite encouraged by this bearing in mind that whilst jogging I feel that I couldn't actually go any slower so there is loads of room for improvement in the coming months.

Thanks again, and best wishes to those that have this run coming up in the next few days. As Laura says, "You CAN do it!"


PS - My reason for giving Laura a break was that I knew this was going to be tough and going by previous posts mostly mental. Therefore I knew that I didn't need sweet nothings whispered to me or soothing encouragement. I could also not afford to get miffed about the music choice either.

So I put together 20 mins (ultimately 23 mins...) of kick ass, old skool rap and hiphop. It was my own version of a screaming Army Sergeant Major!

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Well done!!


Well done


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