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I did week 5 run 3 today. 20 Mins NO STOPPING!!! I NEVER thought I would be able to run that long!!! I did my usual route that i usually do intervals, but just jogged. I'm not sure about my speed tho.. I didn't want to go to fast in-case i bombed! I didn't want to get discouraged. I just wanted to complete it! I ran approx. 4K in 20 mins. Is that REALLY slow? Any advice, suggestions, tips? I am on such a high right now! I felt like I could have probably walked faster then I was running tho! Is that normal? Now I totally feel like I can complete this!! I was having a total panic attack during my 5 min warm up!!! I was sooooo scarred and thought there was NO way I was going to be able to! YAAAAYYYYY!!! LOVE this program!!!

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Slow? I don't think so!

if you can do 4 k in 20 minutes you are heading towards achieving couch to 6k which is fab. i can only do 4.3 k in 30 minutes.

If you really want to speed up I think most folk wait until they finish the programme then do some sort of interval training, which involves running fast then jogging... Sure someone else can tell you more about that. I am just concentrating on increasing my timing until I can run 5 k then will focus on speeding up.

Sounds like you are really enjoying the programme too. Congratulations.


That is fantastic! Takes me 25 minutes to run 3k! :D


Well done - that's the biggest hurdle jumped, after week 1 day 1. :)

I could only do 3k in my graduation week. :) And 5k took me 47 min this morning, 7 months after graduating. But I can still run. Speed is relatively unimportant, compared to the ability to keep going - and those who try to go too fast, too soon, often end up having to stop running completely for several weeks while they recover from injuries.


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