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Week 1 Run 2

Todays run was worse than my first one. I only done about 3 or 4 out of the 8 60second runs and walked the rest as I got a bad stitch that made it really painful to breathe.

Right now it looks like I will have to repeat week 1 but that's ok. I feel much better just being out even if it means I'm walking more than running - it's still better than sitting around at home.

Most important thing for me to focus on while running is my breathing. I noticed again today that I breathe too slow or actually stop breathing alltogether and don't realize until I need to take a deep breath in. This is something that i've been doing for as long as i can remember and hope to see an improvement on in the next few weeks. It's even more important with winter coming when it's difficult enough for me to breathe anyway.

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Don't worry - you'll get through it. The secret is not to try to run too quickly - a gentle jog is fine and you can build it up gradually. I hated running at school and was a complete couch potato until I discovered C25K. You can always repeat a week if you feel you must.


I remember finding breathing strange to start with, and am inclined to hold my breath, but actually found it easier when I didn't think about it but just let my body take a breath when it wanted one. Try to think about things other than running (mental shopping lists, etc) - and keep looking a long way ahead rather than at your feet or the ground just in front of you. I have luckily never had a stitch, but it seems as if having plenty of water to drink before your run helps. And as Gingernut says, keep a nice slow pace. You are doing so well to get out there, so stick at it and let us know how run 3 goes.


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