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Week 6 Done - tough, but I got through....just

Did week 6 run 3 today. I managed the 25 minutes but it was tough. Last week when I ran for 20 minutes I felt much stronger and probably could have run longer that day, but today it felt like a slog.

My thighs felt heavy and my ankles were aching for the last 10 minutes. When Laura said you've got a minute left , you can up the pace if you want, I felt like I was going to die!

Alright I might have exaggerated that last bit. Not sure what the problem is this week? Someone on here suggested I drink more water to counter the heavy thighs. Any other tips?

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Some days it is just much harder to complete the runs. Don't forget you have run 25% further today, which is a lot more than last time. DON'T PANIC - you are doing great and you will be gaining stamina even though it feels hard.

It's a big thing we have set ourselves and we know it is not always going to be easy.

It will be easier next time!


Obviously there may be a cause and effect with hydration, or what and when you eat, quality of sleep, amount of physical exercise you have done etc etc but to be honest I agree with Beek, some days are just better than others. One of my best runs was with a hangover!

I have felt the heavy thighs many times but I think it's getting less so I am assuming that's because my strength and stamina are improving. Also... Lots of folk seem to find week 6 a real challenge. So onward and upward to week 7. Hope it goes well.

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Thanks guys, will try to heed your wise words and try not to listen to the niggling doubts.


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