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Annoyed about perhaps having to miss a run... if anyone had told me I would ever feel that way 7 months ago...C25K can do miracles :D

I had a car accident some years ago and since then have neck ache from time to time (especially when I have a lot of stress). I woke up in the middle of the night with a slight pain in my neck today already knowing how it would turn out: in a headache. Now, as always, I have a headache and got sick. I'm waiting for the ibuprofen to do it's work but still feel light headed and sick.

I don't want to miss my run :( I already considered to do the speed podcast as it is shorter but I'm not sure if I should do it at the treadmill or outside or if I should do it at all. Well, I'll wait a bit longer and if I feel better, I go for a light jog without pushing myself too hard.

It's incredible, I would ever be upset of being forced to have 3 running rest days in a row (I went to the gym yesterday and did some cycling and circuit training)... Couch to 5K, what have you done to this former sloth? :D

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I feel the same. This week I have had to juggle my run days around to fit with my wife going to work early today, and me being on call later in the week. Looks like I am down to two runs this week :-(

Did I feel like this 7 months ago? Nope, never even crossed my mind that I might miss doing some exercise.

Take it steady with that run, don't want to miss any more run days.


I managed to get one run under my belt :) I felt better in the afternoon and although I still was a bit dizzy, I went to the gym. I felt much safer to do it on the treadmill with people around who would notice if I was feeling bad. And the bathrooms are close to the treadmills so I could have kept my dignity if my sickness had become worse ;)

I even did a tough run, not as intended a easy jog (stubborn person I am...). I did the speed podcast (started to run after 3 minutes of the warm up walk as I had already walked before the podcast started, then did all the intervalls (variable speeds in the sprints (10-11 kph), ran through the cooldown walk, started the podcast again, skipped the warm up walk via fasting the podcast forward (still running) and did three more intervalls until I had hit the 5k (in 32:53, not my best but still pretty ok especially considering I was feeling very bad this morning).

It was a very tough work out and I could have wrung out my tshirt afterwards. But it felt good to run. I wish I had done it in the park but safety first.

Is there no possibility for you fit in a speed run? If you don't do it the way I did, it's only 16 minutes. It's even worse simply not to have the time than skipping a run because of a headache. I hope you find a possibility to go out :)

Sometimes I'd like to speak with my former me and my PE teachers and show them how much I've changed :)


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