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W1R2 5-10K

After a particularly indulgent weekend, yesterday morning was run 2 of my RunDouble 10k challenge. I set off on the 5 minute warm up feeling like I was carrying an extra stone (probably all the curry, chocolate, steaks, chips, beer and wine I had consumed over the weekend) and huffed and puffed through my first 8 minutes. it doesn't help that the end of the warm up walk is perfectly timed to coincide with the bottom of a hill!. I covered about 1.2k in my first 8 minute interval though, so not all bad. The next 4 8 minute intervals were pretty good, it was a lovely morning and there were loads of walkers and runners out. I decided to test the friendliness of walkers in Bangor, and to my dismay, only about 30% of those given a smile actually even looked my way! quite disappointing really. The more people ignored me, the more effort I put into making it more obvious that I was greeting them. Some actively looked the other way when I first smiled at them!! odd people.

All in all I did 7.5kms in total. A nice run although it is making me properly knackered afterwards. I think it is important to stick to the day on day off plan fairly religiously to build up my conditioning.

One nice change in this run, the tide was out when I hit the beach so I ran down along the sand to the very end of the beach, somewhere I've never been before. it was beautiful to be running on the beach with the breeze in my face! I was very contented.

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Sounds like a great run. Keep us posted, I've signed up for a 10k next Sept and have no idea what training plan I will use.


7.5 k sounds great. So does your run. I am laughing at your attempts to get people to smile or acknowledge you. I do the same, but next time I am gong to be calculating m success rate. it will be a good distraction if I find I am getting too puffed out :)


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