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Run 6:2 done - aaaaaaghhh long runs from now on!

That was a tough one, run 2 never seems to go well for me. It always leaves me with a slight feeling of unease that I won't be able to do the long run 3. I got a stitch and generally didn't settle into a good pace today. 6:1 went so well on Wednesday, I ran after work and it really seemed to help relieve the stress of the work day. Well, apart from at the end when my dog got attacked by a big dog (thankfully he's fine). Did I mention my running partner Buster before?

I can't believe I've got to the point in the plan where it's all long runs from now on. Well I guess for some of you 25 minutes probably isn't long but to me it seems ages. I'm looking really forward to the challenge though. Week 6 run 3 here we go.....

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Good luck. Give the doubtful gremlins a kick. You have come this far, so you should be fine.


Lwwitch, I feel exactly the same! After feeling so elated after wk5 r3, I've found wk6 really tough.... I have completed the runs but thought I would find them easier and therefore be confident about the 25 min run. As it stands I'm quite apprehensive about it. Let's hope Laura continues to work her magic and we both step up to the challenge. Good luck! X


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