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Running in boots / non standard gear

A good question for the military types I suppose.....

I'm a copper. A fat copper, but a copper none the less. I've got a couple of 5k runs coming up and I should graduate C25K in the next 2 to 3 weeks (Shift work dependent). I am booked on another 5k run in July 14 for a charity quite close to my heart and want to up the anti by running it in my police kit (i.e. uniform with boots, stab vest and kit belt - potnentially carrying a shield). Does anyone have any tips on running in boots? My boots are Magnums, cloth sided and pretty comfy.

Anyone else run carrying anything? I'd love to do it with the shield but so far I've struggled to even carry a water bottle comfortably.

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No idea what it's like to run in boots, but one thing that might help is to add gel insoles to improve the cushioning and maybe get some proper running socks (supposedly padded in the right places).

As to the rest of the uniform, make sure that nothing rubs. Loose damp clothing rubs terribly, so a compression base layer top and bottom may also be advisable.

Can't imagine running in all that gear. I just about manage a compression vest and running top and still nearly overheat...

Best of luck!

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Thanks, it will certainly be a challenge! The vest will be the killer for me I think.


One mad copper I think however respect to you sir x

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I think you have to be mad to be a copper now a days! :)


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